Fundraising with Subway in Des Peres

Hold a fundraising night for your school or organization without selling anything or doing hard work. Raise money by letting people do what they have to do anyway—eat!

Raising money for your non-profit organization is easy!

Select a day you would like to hold your event.

Submit your organization's government Tax ID number.

And that's it! Once we approve your request, Subway in Des Peres will give you free flyer artwork to print and hand out to your supporters, friends and family. Subway in Des Peres will donate a percentage of the net sales for food and beverages generated by your supporters on that specified day.

Who is Eligible?

Any non-profit organization with a Tax ID number recognized by the government can take part.

Our donations

For each flyer presented with payment, Subway in Des Peres will donate the following to your organization. Note that a minimum of 20 flyers is required for a donation to be made.

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We'll get in touch within 24 hours.

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Fundraising Terms and Conditions

Fundraising requests are not guaranteed unless submitter receives a confirmation email from Subway in Des Peres, accepting the request. If fundraising date is approved, the parties agree that:

Subway in Des Peres will prepare and provide Event with fund-raising flyer artwork (the "Flyer" or "Flyers") to the Organization for the Event for printing and distribution by the Organization. The Flyer artwork, including but not limited to, the Event name and logo, for the Flyer is owned by Subway in Des Peres or its affiliates and may be used by Organization only with permission of Subway in Des Peres;

Subway in Des Peres will donate between 10%-20% of net food and beverage sales (gross sales which is less taxes and other typical overhead expenses) during the Event to the Organization. A minimum of 20 flyers must be redeemed to guarantee a donation. Subway gift cards, Subway catering and other retail purchases are excluded from the Event; Donation percentage will be based on:

Subway in Des Peres will mail a check to Organization for the total donation amount not later than 45 days following event;

During Event, Subway in Des Peres will allow Organization to use Subway’s name and logo only to promote the Event, subject to Subway’s approval in each case;

and Subway can terminate all or any portion of the Event for any reason without notice.

The Organization will make copies of the Flyer at its own expense. All other advertising costs related to the Event incurred by Organization are the responsibility of Organization; and

Organization has the right, but not the obligation to:

Each party warrants that it has the authority to grant the rights in this Agreement and is authorized to accept this Agreement.